Make-up is a really big deal in a women life, but it is difficult to get it right.

Mastering the eyeshadow takes practice. The more you practice the better it will be each time you do it, and it becomes easier every time.

It is easy to follow pictures, and videos so we know exactly where to place each tone of the shadow.

Here are some images of looks I like for evening, and for an everyday look.

photo 1

photo 2 photo 3

photo 4

Hope you like it, and are willing to give it a try.

*Pictures: Pinterest


Converse and Superga

When it comes to sneakers there are 2 brands that I really love.

Converse and Superga are my 2 brands to go when I want to buy a cute pair of sneakers, whether it is for a daily basis use, or for taking with me when traveling.

Both this brands offer really cute and feminine styles that you can combine with any style of clothing, which is why I personally love them.

Usually some people prefer one of them and not both, or there are others like me that LOVE both the brands.

Here are some of my favorites.



Chuck Taylor Fresh ColorsChuck Taylor Fresh Colors


Chuck Taylor All Star Washed TwillChuck Taylor Collar Studs




I own a pair of short converse in white which I find really useful, and I can combine it with anything I have in my closet, and also my top favorite purchase of this summer, are my Superga Camouflage which you can see here in the pictures.

If you are looking for a sneaker that can be worn with anything I recommend them, there are so many colors, fabrics ans styles to chose from. Most important the prices go from $50 up to $100 so it is not so expensive.


NAKED Eyeshadow

Hey girls!

When it comes to my everyday make-up routine I usually do it really natural, so i just put on some concealer, blush, mascara and lipstick and I’m ready.

If I’m going out at night, or have a special event I like to spice it up with a little bit of eyeliner, and play around with my eyeshadows is always fun.

The brand that I love is NAKED by Urban Decay. They have several tones, and pallets, they can be a bit expensive, but they are really worth it. The shadows last all night they don’t wear off, which is very important when buying make-up we do not want it falling off our faces.

Here I’m going to leave you the different types of pallets they have.

Urban Decay - Naked Palette

Urban Decay - Naked2

Urban Decay - Naked3


I recommend them with my eyes closed, it’s truly the best I have tried.

You can find them at Sephora

Horizontal VS Vertical

When it comes to clothing we usually take what we like, and looks good on us, but have you ever thought of on how to trick the eye?

Well here is a great option; if you want to shrink yourself a good option is to wear horizontal stripes, and we want to opt for the thicker stripes since it will trick the eye even more, and make you look slimmer.

It is always good to have a classic black and white, or navy and white dress, skirt or top.

When wearing vertical stripes it will cause the effect of looking even wider than what we are, so it is better to stay away from them.

Hope you guys like this little tip I’m leaving you with some nice options here:)

The Gap

Stripe knit pencil skirtRugby ballet-back slub teeSunkissed stripe shorts


Banana Republic

Blue Stripe T-Shirt DressBold Stripe DressScalloped Parisian Jacket

Summer Look

Summer is not over yet, we still have time to wear our bright colors before Fall starts.

When it comes to the summer I really enjoy being comfortable, yet have a little pop of color when going out.

These are some of my favorite looks for the summer, whether it is for going out, or just hanging around with friends.


















What is your favorite look for the summer?

*Pictures: Pinterest

Basics & Brands

Hey guys, so i don’t know about you, but i really enjoy on treating myself to branded items. I know some people don’t enjoy it, or they just don’t care for them.
I’m not the obsess type that has to have everything branded, but when it comes to everyday basic accessories such as shoes, or bags mostly, i really like owning quality items that will last me a lifetime.
As we all know fashion comes and goes, and its our style that remains forever. That is why when i buy clothing i really don’t like to spend thousands of dollars I would rather spend less, and then buy a nice bag that i will have for a lifetime, and can be able to wear it with everything.
Its nice to splurge a lite bit once in a while with things that we enjoy.

What do you enjoy?